Времeто е най-верният показател за истинността на чувствата и желанията ни.


From the Core of My Heart

I fear to speak,
For I'm in need of art
To let you see the way I seek
To reach your heart.

I dare not promise
I 'll be there one day
To stand beside you.
But I can say that I'll pray.

I would definitely wish,
Though I doubt if that alone
Could make my dreams
Come true on their own.

But I must not despair,
For it won't be fair.
Though for a while
I tried the best I could
To make you smile.

Dear Maya,
It is not necessary the beautiful words to be understand. They have to touch the heart. Even you don’t know the meaning of words, with your soul you can read the sense. The language is sense. That is the code that all our DNA brings. But only the strength of our soul can help to rebirth the knowledge in sounds.

Only the love can make to be lost deep in signs and spring out and fly...

A part of my heart will be with yours!

As me...
I promise to find the wings...

Be happy, be strong, be healthy!
Everything will be successful
See you soon,

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