Времeто е най-верният показател за истинността на чувствата и желанията ни.


My face } {

Can you imagine my face?
How are you looking at me?
Open your heart!
What can you see?
I have a lot of faces!
I have many faces a day.
It’s a sense,
It’s a fight,
It’s silence,
... indifference,
... a care,
... a fear,
... a teacher,
... a student,
... a friend,
... a mother,
... a daughter,
... an angel,
... a devil,
... somebody,
... nobody,
... everything...
I have a face for everyone,
But only who is closed to me
Can see my real face
And it’s a face with lots of different colours.
One of them is only for you.
I wear it every time when I think about you.
It’s special.
Listen to my heart,
What do you see?

*I am very sorry for my mistakes. I promise I will grow up :)

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